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Corona Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Corona Backpackers
72 Grafton Street

Global Backpackers Waterfront Hostel Cairns at Hotels Combined
Global Backpackers Waterfront Hostel Cairns
67 The Esplanade

Reef Backpackers Hostel Cairns at Hotels Combined
Reef Backpackers Hostel Cairns
140 Grafton Street

Global Backpackers Central at Hotels Combined
Global Backpackers Central
9b Shields St

Asylum Cairns Backpacker Hostel at Hotels Combined
Asylum Cairns Backpacker Hostel
149 Grafton St

Cairns Beach House at Hotels Combined
Cairns Beach House
239 Sheridan Street

Cairns City Backpackers Hostel at Hotels Combined
Cairns City Backpackers Hostel
274 Draper Street

Shenannigans Hostel at Hotels Combined
Shenannigans Hostel
Cnr Spence and Sheridan Street

Tropic Days Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Tropic Days Backpackers
26-28 Bunting Street

Nomads Serpent Cairns at Hotels Combined
Nomads Serpent Cairns
341 Lake Street

NJoy Travellers Resort Cairns at Hotels Combined
NJoy Travellers Resort Cairns
141 Sheriden Street

Gilligans Backpackers Hotel & Resort at Hotels Combined
Gilligans Backpackers Hotel & Resort
57-89 Grafton Street

Woodduck Backpackers Cairns at Hotels Combined
Woodduck Backpackers Cairns
136 Grafton Street

Caravella Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Caravella Backpackers
149 Esplanade

Nomads Esplanade at Hotels Combined
Nomads Esplanade
93 The Esplanade

Bohemia Resort at Hotels Combined
Bohemia Resort
231 McLeod Street

Bohemia Central at Hotels Combined
Bohemia Central
100 Sheridan Street

Calypso Inn Backpackers Resort at Hotels Combined
Calypso Inn Backpackers Resort
5-9 Digger Street

Cairns Central YHA Backpackers Hostel at Hotels Combined
Cairns Central YHA Backpackers Hostel
20-26 McLeod Steet

The Northern Greenhouse at Hotels Combined
The Northern Greenhouse
117 Grafton Street

Cairns Girls Hostel at Hotels Combined
Cairns Girls Hostel
147 Lake Street

The Bellview at Hotels Combined
The Bellview
85-87 The Esplanade

Whiterock Leisure Park at Hotels Combined
Whiterock Leisure Park
LOT 2 Skull Road

Globetrotters International at Hotels Combined
Globetrotters International
154-156 Lake Street

Gecko's Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Gecko's Backpackers
187 Bunda St.

Dreamtime Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Dreamtime Backpackers
4 Terminus Street

Koala Beach Resort Cairns at Hotels Combined
Koala Beach Resort Cairns
137-139 Lake Street

Castaway's Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Castaway's Backpackers
207 Sheridan St

JJ's Backpackers Hostel at Hotels Combined
JJ's Backpackers Hostel
11-13 Charles Street

Ryan's Rest Boutique Accommodation at Hotels Combined
Ryan's Rest Boutique Accommodation
18 Terminus Street

Travellers Oasis Backpackers at Hotels Combined
Travellers Oasis Backpackers
8 Scott Street

Sunland Leisure Park Hotel Cairns at Hotels Combined
Sunland Leisure Park Hotel Cairns
49-61 Pease Street Manoora

Cairns Sharehouse at Hotels Combined
Cairns Sharehouse
17 Scott Street

Hides Hotel Cairns at Hotels Combined
Hides Hotel Cairns
87 Lake Street

City Waterfront Palms at Hotels Combined
City Waterfront Palms
151 The Esplanade

New Chalon Cairns at Hotels Combined
New Chalon Cairns
702 Bruce Highway Woree

First City Caravilla at Hotels Combined
First City Caravilla
1 Kelly Street Earlville

All Seasons Cairns Gateway Resort at Hotels Combined
All Seasons Cairns Gateway Resort
Corner Anderson Road & Bruce Highway Woree

Great Northern Hotel Cairns at Hotels Combined
Great Northern Hotel Cairns
69 Abbott Street

Palm Royale Cairns at Hotels Combined
Palm Royale Cairns
7-11 Chester Court

Aspect Central Motel at Hotels Combined
Aspect Central Motel
209-211 Sheridan Street

Cairns Queens Court at Hotels Combined
Cairns Queens Court
167-171 Sheridan Street PO Box 7234

Clifton Sands Holiday Apartments Cairns at Hotels Combined
Clifton Sands Holiday Apartments Cairns
81-87 Guide Street Clifton Beach

Cairns Colonial Club Resort at Hotels Combined
Cairns Colonial Club Resort
18-26 Cannon Street

Rainbow Inn at Hotels Combined
Rainbow Inn
179 Sheridan Street

Cairns Reef Apartment & Motel at Hotels Combined
Cairns Reef Apartment & Motel
670-678 Bruce Highway Woree

Sunshine Tower Hotel Cairns at Hotels Combined
Sunshine Tower Hotel Cairns
136-140 Sheridan Street

Cairns Southside International Inn at Hotels Combined
Cairns Southside International Inn
446-452 Mulgrave Road

High Chaparral Motel Cairns at Hotels Combined
High Chaparral Motel Cairns
199-205 Sheridan Street

Discovery Cairns at Hotels Combined
Discovery Cairns
183-185 Lake Street

Australia is not only big but also very beautiful with a diverse selection of fantastic places to visit. From Sydney to Perth there are some great cosmopolitan cities. There are also beautiful beaches, tropical forests and the splendour of the Great Barrier Reef!

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